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Image: Subhabrata Majumdar (right) and a representational deep-freezer (left). 

Kolkata: POLICE have arrested a man from Kolkata’s Behala for preserving his mother’s dead body in the house for three years by making it a mummy.

The bone-chilling incident has come to light at 25 SN Chatterjee Road at Behala’s James Long Sarani.

The accused man, Subhabrata Majumdar, who is in his 50’s, has been arrested by police. His elderly father, Gopal Majumdar, 89, is being questioned by police.

Subhabrata’s mother and Gopal’s wife, Bina Majumdar, was a retired employee of the Food Corporation of India when she died of illness at a city hospital on 7 April 2015. Back then, Gopal told neighbours that his only son Subhabrata was away and hence the body has been kept at a public morgue for cremation later.

After this, the neighbours got no clue as to when Bina’s dead body was cremated. In the fast-paced and self-centred life, everyone eventually forgot the issue.

But the matter came to light on Wednesday morning when a part-time domestic help of the Majumdar family told her son’s private tutor that Bina’s dead body is the house in a deep freezer that resembles the ones in which ice cream is stored.

She also disclosed that Subhabrata had taken out the intestines, liver, etc. from the dead body and treats the corpse of his mother with chemicals at regular interval.

Hearing the bone-chilling story, the private tutor shared the same with the local leaders of a political party. They, in turn, alerted Behala police station.

Cops raided the Majumdar house Wednesday night and true to the tip-off by the maid, found the dead body in a deep-freezer on the ground-floor of the bi-storied building. There was a vertical incision mark from the chest to lower abdomen of the body and some chemical bottles nearby.

Police also found out another empty deep-freezer in the room and two air-conditioners that were switched on. The mummy-corpse was at once sent for post-mortem and Subhabrata was arrested.

His father Gopal, who is being questioned, has told police that he knew of this all along but could not tell anyone due to his son’s threats. Subhabrata has told police that he loved his mother very deeply and hence decided to preserve her corpse as a mummy.

Police, however, have come across another aspect to the incident. Subhabrata was a leather technologist with a private company at Bantala off Kolkata but quit the job a few years ago and has been unemployed since then. His is unmarried.

Being a retired Central government employee, his mother Bina used to draw a handsome amount as pension. It is suspected that to continue receiving the pension, Subhabrata preserved her dead body as a mummy.

The detective department of Kolkata Police has taken over the investigation and are trying to find out whether pension was getting credited to Bina’s bank accounts for the past three years. Since, a pensioner is required to furnish a life certificate with the bank every year, in Bina’s case who submitted the life certificate?