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Kolkata: Taxi operators in Kolkata have announced a helpline no to tide over the widespread allegations of drivers of yellow taxis overcharging from passengers or refusing to go on routes other than the ones they prefer.

The move comes following a prod from the state transport department, which recently increased the fare for taxis in the city after a prolonged appeal from the operators.

The helpline no, 9331949346, will start functioning from Thursday morning and passengers can lodge complain by either making a call or sending a text / WhatsApp message.

Interestingly, the mobile number belongs to Bimal Guha, president of the Bengal Taxi Association (BTA), the largest body of taxi operators in Kolkata. Until now, the number was only available to the media but fed up by the widespread allegations highlighted in newspapers, the veteran taxi association boss has opened the line to the general public as well.

BTA has urged people to save the number of their mobile phone and call/text the moment they face a refusal, overcharging, or harassment at the hands of any yellow taxi driver in the city.

This number is in addition to the redress mechanism that Kolkata Traffic Police run through its social media pages.


  1. I called up at this helpline no and the person who picked up the phone clearly told me that its not a taxi complaint helpline no. Strange now where the passengers will move their grievance? The number has been just posted as a formality not to seriously help the passengers.

  2. Date: 10th Jul 2019, Location Ananda Palit to Chandni Chowk route, WB 04/ D 9675 Taxi Meter is running like anything, it’s showing almost 80% higher the km scale as well price charge. Everyday I go to Chandni Chowk metro with only fare Rs 36 max…. he charged me Rs 60 today as per meter and told you have to give this this is normal and charging me like anything.

  3. 30th July time 7-30 pm. Location 25 Ballygunj Circular Road.

    Three senior citizen ladies aged 63-70. One lady with severe arthritis problem requested like a bigger to the driver of taxi no. WB-04E-9456, which was parked by the road, to drop two ladies to Hazra More and one lady to Selimpur and were even willing to pay extra bucks.

    The arrogant driver didn’t budge even though he saw me taking photograph of the number plate and despite warning of police complaint. He did not even bothered as if all the laws are in his pocket and he seemed very confident of being handle this.

  4. Today on 20.08.19 at 8.30 pm I booked a yellow cab at Karunamoyee Crossing, Kolkata and travelled to Jodhpur Park Kolkata-68 where I stay.
    Initially, the cab driver asked for Rs 30 extra but I turned down the request but agreed to pay him Rs 10 extra over the meter reading. The meter read Rs 271 as fare when I reached my destination and I was about to pay him Rs 280 as promised. The drama started from this point.
    I handed over the driver a Rs 500 note.The driver took the money, turned to steering wheel and almost at the next moment he turned back to me again, handed back to me a Rs 50 note and exclaimed ” what is it sir, why are you giving me Rs 50 only?”
    I tried to convince him that I have given him Rs 500 which cannot be otherwise as I went to ATM with an empty pocket before boarding the taxi and withdrew Rs 1,000 and was dispensed two Rs 500 notes.Those Rs 500 notes were the only money I had with me and that after handing over Rs 500 to the driver, I had only Rs 500 remaining with me.
    However the arguments were futile and I had to pay him another extra Rs 500. That cheat of a driver thus earned Rs 450 through extortion.
    I had a similar experience long time back. I am writing this mail with an intention to spread vigilance and awareness against such cheating. Please come up with solutions for combating such cheating by detecting valid claims on the spot.