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In Photo: Students heading to school wrapping themselves in rain coats at Garia in south Kolkata. – Newsmen photo. 

By A Newsman

Kolkata, 17 August: KOLKATA woke up to wet Monday morning with light to moderate showers in most parts of the city and the adjoining areas.

North and south Kolkata, in particular, are experiencing a comparatively high intensity rain; the remaining areas are witnessing intermittent drizzle.

The Alipore Met Office in Kolkata has forecast that the showers would continue on Tuesday as well, with the possibility of a cumulative rain of up to 35 mm in 48-hours. On Sunday, the Met Office recorded around 0.2 mm rain, with the maximum temperature dropping to 30 degree Celsius which two notches below normal.

Today and tomorrow, the maximum temperature will hover around 31 degree Celsius and minimum temperature will be around 27 degree Celsius, the forecast said. With a low level of humidity, this will offer a cool feel.

The intermittent rain is causing the traffic going slow in most arterial thoroughfares in Kolkata and Howrah. Cratered road is adding to the trouble of those availing the EM Bypass and the average halt at the Ruby traffic point is around 8 minutes.

Two processions that are scheduled from S N Banerjee Road at 1 pm and from Sealdah around 1.30 pm, respectively, and are due to Assembly at Rani Rashmoni Avenue, are likely to add to the traffic woes.

Other than Kolkata, places like Digha, Santiniketan, Malda and Jalpaiguri will also experience a drizzle to moderate rains over the next 48 hours.