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Kolkata: The bridges and flyovers in Kolkata it seems will never allow commuters to breathe easy!

The series of bridge collapse starting with Majerhat bridge in the city in September had sent the administration and police on an alert. Thus, police had barred the movement of heavy vehicles in several bridges and flyovers in Kolkata, including the Dunlop Flyover in the northern part of the city.

To ensure that heavy vehicles do not get onto Dunlop Flyover, police had got a height bar installed at the entry to the flyover. Early this morning, the very height bar at Sabeda Bagan-end collapsed and in turn, suspended the traffic movement on the flyover.

The iron height bar was placed over two iron pillars: it slid off from one of them. Thankfully, since this happened early in the morning, no vehicle came under the collapsed iron bar that weighs several tons.

Police are not sure as to how the height bar collapsed. They suspect that a goods vehicle with a heap of load may have entered the flyover and ended up destabilising the height bar. Police are not in a position to ascertain this as neither CCTV cameras are there in the area nor a traffic post.

Following the collapse of the height bar, police have for now barred the movement of vehicles on the flyover by placing barricades on the approach. They have got in touch with the state PWD to reinstall the height bar at the earliest.

Dunlop Flyover is important in the sense that it provides Kolkata an easy connectivity to Howrah, Hooghly, Durgapur Expressway, Delhi Road, Bombay Road, and Kalyani Expressway