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Kolkata: A group of young cadres of Left parties, led by CPI-M’s students wing SFI, stormed into a public meeting of an RSS outfit and assaulted its activists at Jadavpur in south Kolkata today evening.

A pro-RSS activist was even spat in the face by a Left cadre for passing derogatory comments on Lenin. The Left cadres also partially damaged seven cars on which the ultra-Hindu group members had arrived.

All this happened near the 8B Bus Stand at Jadavpur, which is close to Jadavpur University, a traditional stronghold of Left student bodies. Trouble began over a street corner meeting organised by an RSS outfit named Bangali Hindu Astitwa Raksha Mancha this evening.

During the day, Tapan Ghosh, the president of another pro-RSS body Hindu Samhati, announced on Facebook that a meeting will be held in the evening under the statue of Lenin at Jadavpur 8B Bus Stand to denounce the desecration of RSS icon Shyama Prasad Mukherjee’s bust in Kolkata by an ultra-Left group yesterday. Ghosh is the one who was arrested last month for assaults on journalists in a public rally.

SFI and other Left youth-student wings found the selection of the venue objectionable. Accordingly, as soon as the members of RSS outfit gathered at the venue this evening, the Left cadres asked them to move elsewhere.

An argument broke out over this and it eventually escalated into a clash between the two groups. But Jadavpur being a Left bastion, the RSS outfit members were soon overpowered. Left cadres then began serving them blows and kicks and even beat them up with flag-sticks.

Police rushed to the scene soon but refrained from taking a stern action against the Left cadres. Instead, they tried to pursue them to stop the violence while helping the RSS outfit cadres to move out of the venue.

Taking advantage of this, the Left young cadres, about 150-200 in number, partially damaged at least seven cars on which the RSS outfit members had arrived. Police rescued two RSS outfit members ~ Vikash Singh and Akash Jaiswal ~ and took them to Jadavpur police station. With the situation still tense, a police picket has been deployed at the troubled zone.