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Hooghly/Asansol: Mishaps on the dawn of Mahalaya have claimed at least three lives, while two are critically injured.

The incidents have taken place at Uttarpara in the northern suburb of Kolkata and at Kalna in East Burdwan.

Middle-aged Subodh Jose drowned in the Hooghly at Bottala Ghat of Uttarpara Kotrang while performing Tarpan ~ a prayer offered to the ancestors on the occasion of Mahalaya.

At Kalibari Ghat again at Uttarpara Sandeep Santra (45) drowned in the Hooghly. Santram, a resident of Tarakeswar, had come to Uttarpara to perform Tarpan.

While these two mishaps occurred in the river, at Kalna in East Burdwan a mishap on the road has claimed the life of a woman and has left two critically injured.

Abha Rej, in her 70’s, was riding pillion with her daughter on the scooter of her son-in-law to Malatipur Ghat for performing Tarpan. Near Dhatrigram Rail Gate, the scooter collided head-on with a bus, leaving all the three of them critically injured.

People from the vicinity rushed them to Kalna Sub-divisional Hospital, where Rej was declared dead on arrival. Her daughter and son-in-law are admitted in a critical condition.