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Kolkata: MAMATA Banerjee government will place the State Budget on 31 January, a day before the Union Budget, the business advisory (BA) committee of the state Assembly formally put its seal on the decision today.

Interestingly, BA committee took the decision today in a meeting where none from the opposition parties was present.

In a meeting on 25 January, the BA committee had decided that the Budget will be tabled on 1 February. The decision was later changed by the government and approval by the BA committee was pending.

This is not the first time that Mamata Banerjee government will be tabling the State Budget ahead of the Union Budget. In the past few years too, her government has done so apparently to draw media attention that gets diluted once the Union Budget is tabled.

Going by the new schedule for the Budget Session approved by the BA committee, the session will start on 30 January with the Governor’s address. The State Budget for 2018-19 will be tabled at 3 pm on 31 January, and 1 and 2 February have been assigned for debate of Governor’s address.

The debate of the Budget will take place from 5-8 February. The session might get extended by a few days but a decision on this will be taken by the state government later.