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Barasat: CHIEF Minister Mamata Banerjee has spelled out a condition for linking Aadhaar number to bank account ~ a move that the Centre had been pursuing despite opposition and skepticism from several quarters.

Speaking at a public meeting at Haroa in North 24-Parganas today, Banerjee said she can link her bank account to Aadhaar number only if the Centre guarantees that it will repay the entire sum that if any money is fraudulently siphoned off from the account.

“In the name of linking Aadhaar number to a bank account, people’s hard-earned money is being withdrawn from banks. It may happen that suddenly the entire deposit in your bank account is fraudulently withdrawn. If the Government of India guarantees that in such a scenario, it will repay the entire sum only then I can link my bank account to Aadhaar,” she said.

The statement comes even as banks have started sending text messages and e-mails to customers stating that they must link Aadhaar number to their bank accounts by 31 December. Failing this, transactions will stop for such bank accounts.

Furthermore, Mamata today reiterated that she will stop using a mobile phone but will never link it to Aadhaar. “We will not link mobile with Aadhaar. It is a dangerous move.”

Linking of Aadhaar to mobile number is a breach of the right to privacy. BJP government at Centre is trying to intrude into people’s personal life and curb their freedom, she alleged.

“There are a handful of people like me who can neither be threatened nor controlled. I am not frightened by (Central) agencies. I will continue to work for the people and speak for them until I am alive,” she thundered.