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Kolkata: A man has been arrested at Kolkata airport while trying to smuggle out a huge amount of foreign currency notes by hiding them inside pointed gourds or parwal.

As much as 55,000 Euro and 5,500 USD have been recovered from him. Customs department sources said that the arrested man was to fly out to Bangkok by SpiceJet flight SG-083 past Monday midnight.

The man was carrying some two kg pointed gourds with him and this made officials of the Air Intelligence Unit suspicious. They asked him why was he carrying the vegetable to Bangkok but he couldn’t give them a satisfactory reply.

This made the officials to take a closer look at the pointed gourds. They cut open a pointed gourd and were stunned to find Euros stuffed inside. As they cut open more pointed gourds, more Euros and USD came out. In all Euros and USD worth Rs 46.71-lakh was found.

Customs officials said that the man had carefully cut open the pointed gourds, took out the seeds and then stuffed 10 foreign currency notes in each of them. He then sealed them with adhesive. It was done with such precision that the cut was not visible unless one inspected very carefully.