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Hooghly: A middle-aged man has been shot dead by his friend at Chinsurah in Hooghly during a drinking session.

The incident took place at Chinsurah’s Rabindranagar area last night. The victim has been identified as Uttam Sarkar, who was a moneylender.

The friend who shot him dead is Bikash Kundu and he has been arrested by police on the basis of an FIR lodged by Sarkar’s family.

Police said that Kundu had borrowed Rs 40,000 from Sarkar a few months ago but wasn’t repaying. A discord was on between the two over the issue.

Last night, Kundu send a common friend named Bokul Kundu to Sarkar’s house and invited him for a drinking session. The trio drank late into the night on a field located nearby Sarkar’s home.

During the drinking session, Bikash Kundu took out a pistol and pumped three bullets into Sarkar. He died on the spot. Cops from Chinsurah police station subsequently arrested Bikash while his aide Bokul managed to escape.