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Bolpur: A young homemaker and her sister have been hospitalised with severe burns after her husband threw acid on her.

This has happened at Nalhati in Birbhum district. The accused husband Ronny Sheikh is on the run.

Ronny married the woman from Karimpur neighbourhood of Nalhati two years ago. However, soon after marriage he allegedly torturing her physically and mentally over the suspicion that she was into an extra-marital affair.

Unable to withstand the torture anymore, the young woman abandoned Ronny’s home earlier this week and returned to her parental home. She thought that this will inject some sense into her husband.

Amidst this, Ronny called her up yesterday evening and requested her to meet him near the Nalhati College. The young homemaker took it to be a sign of repentance and cycled her way to the spot along with her younger sister.

But as soon as they arrived, Ronny threw a bottle full of acid at them. This caused severe burns in the face of his wife, while caused burns in the body of his sister-in-law. The acid attack made the two women collapse to the ground in severe pain. Ronny fled the spot at once.

Hearing their screams for help, people from the vicinity rushed in and took them to Rampurhat Sub-divisional Hospital, where the two women are now admitted. Their father later lodged an FIR against Ronny at the Nalhati police station.