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Featured Image: Representational photo. 

By A Newsman

Kolkata, 29 September: MEDICINES worth several lakhs of rupees turned into ashes on Tuesday in a raging fire at a private storeroom at Narayanpur in Rajarhat off Kolkata.

The fire broke out around 4.30 pm on Tuesday in a bi-storied storeroom located near the Derozio Memorial College at Rajarhat. The storeroom is owned by a private nursing home based in Kolkata.

Thirteen fire tenders that rushed to the spot in batches, struggled for over four hours to douse the flames. The presence of injections and saline bottles with inflammable contents and inflammable medicine packing materials made the task difficult for the fire fighters.

They were able to control the flames in about two hours but could not snuff it out completely for another two hours or so due to the failure to locate the source of fire.

Rahul Mondal, an eye witness, said that a mechanic was carrying out welding job on an air-cooling system pipe at the exterior of the storeroom when sparks accidentally went in and caught the inflammable items stored inside.

The fire spread fast as the storeroom was not equipped with adequate fire fighting measures. The first fire tender took about 25 minutes to reach the site after being called up by the private security guards manning the storeroom.