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Hooghly: A mentally retarded girl got charred to death after she climbed to the roof of a local train and came in contact with the high voltage overhead power cables.

The mishap took place today at Chinsurah railway station in Hooghly in a Bandel-Howrah local train. The deceased girl was a vagabond, who used loiter around Chinsurah station.

Around 8.30 this morning, as soon as the Howrah-bound local train entered Chinsurah station, the girl somehow climbed to the roof of a coach and started taking a stroll. In doing so, her tattered clothes and hair came in contact the overhead power cables and this tripped the power supply to the train.

That is when some passengers standing on the platform noticed that the mentally retarded vagabond girl on the roof of the coach and smoke was billowing out from her hair. This made the passengers alert the train driver and they simultaneously started persuading the girl to come down from the roof of the train.

But instead of doing so, the mentally retarded girl kept on strolling on the roof and eventually got entangled in the pantograph. She eventually got charred to death.

A team from the Government Railway Police station at Bandel and the fire brigade personnel later came and took down the body. Due to this, train services on Bandel-Howrah route remained disrupted until about 10 am.