Aartreyee Bhattacharya in a photo from her Tweeter and a file photo of Park Street station.
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Kolkata: Less than a month since a passenger died after getting stuck between the doors of a Metro train at Park Street station, another passenger narrowly escaped a similar fate today 6 August.

Significantly, the incident took place at the same Park Street station and again in a New Garia-bound train.

Although the incident took place in the afternoon, it came to light in the evening after the passenger, Aartreyee Bhattacharya, lodged a complaint with the railways minister and Metro Railway via Tweeter.

“@RailMinIndia I was going to die today, thanks to you. My shoulders were stuck on the doors, and I felt the metro starting to run. Again? @metrorailwaykol how many more before you take a step?” Bhattacharya, who happens to be a student of St Xavier’s College, tweeted.

On being contacted, she told reporters that the incident happened around 4.30 pm at Park Street station. Bhattacharya had just laid her foot on a New Garia bound train to travel up to Netaji (Kudghat) station that the sliding doors closed on her.

According to her, while her feet and frontal part of her body was inside the train, her shoulders and rear portion got stuck in between the doors.

It was then that other passengers promptly pulled her in and thus she got saved.

In response to her tweet, Metro authorities maintained that nothing of this sort had happened and asked why Bhattacharya didn’t lodge a complaint at her destination station.

“In connection with your tweet we have checked our CCTV footage and not found anything…. it would have been helpful for us if you would have reported this to our station staff, even at your destination station…,” Metro Railway tweeted back at Bhattacharya.

The college girl, however, is firm on her complaint and has accused the authorities of trying to brush the incident under the carpet.

“Sir, if you’re trying to cover up a genuine fact, I’ll have to say that you’re lying. I was in no state to report anything since I had recently donated blood, and had a panic attack because of the situation. It’s a miracle that I didn’t die of heart attack,” she wrote in another tweet to Metro Railway.


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