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Kolkata: Keeping in mind the benefit of students and office-goers, Metro Railway has decided to increase the number of morning trains running to Noapara ~ the terminal station on the northern fringes of Kolkata.

As of now, only eight trains travel up to Noapara from 9.07 am to 11.19 am. On the other hand, 11 trains originate from Noapara in between 9 am to 12 noon.

Starting from 6 August, the number of trains running up to Noapara during the aforesaid period will get increased to 11. The number of trains originating from Noapara will jump to 14.

This means Metro Railway is adding three Up and three Dn trains for Noapara. This, however, will remain limited to weekdays. On Saturday and Sunday, the number of trains to/from Noapara will remain as before.