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Kolkata: Metro Railway has played a spoilsport for those planning an outing on the first half of the day this Sunday, 23 December.

Due to track-maintenance related work at Tollygunge Metro station, the train service on this Sunday will start at 2 pm instead of 9.50 am. This will be for trains originating both from Dum Dum and Kavi Subhash ends.

This effectively means Metro trains on 23 December will start by a delay of 4.10-hour behind its usual Sunday schedule. The departure of last trains from both ends, however, will remain unchanged at 9.54 pm.

On the other hand, to cope with the surge in commuters due to Christmas and New Year celebrations on Park Street, Metro Railway has announced operating trains up to midnight on three days, that is, 24, 25 and, 31 December.

On all the three days, the last trains will originate from both Dum Dum and Kavi Subhash ends at 11.10 pm instead of 9.54 pm. In the morning on the three days, the trains will, however, start running by a delay at 8 am instead of the regular weekday timing of 6.45 am.

On 24 Dec, there will be 300 trains like any other working day but the next day, that is, on Christmas, the number of trains will be fewer at 224 services. On New Year-eve, 31 Dec, there will be again 300 trains.

Also, restrictions have been imposed as regards entry and exit of passengers at Park Street Metro station on these three days.

Starting from 1 in the afternoon, passengers will be allowed entry into Park Street Metro station only through the two Maidan-side gates.

As regards exit, passengers alighting from Dum Dum trains will be allowed to exit through Indian Museum gate. Those alighting from Kavi Subhash trains will have to exit through Mayo Road gate.