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Featured Image: KLO flag. 

By A Newsman

Siliguri, 31 July: WIFE of the commander-in-chief of banned militant outfit Kamtapur Liberation Organisation (KLO) has died in mysterious circumstances at the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital (NBMCH) in Siliguri.

Bharati Singhs (42), who was wanted by police for assisting her husband Jiban Singha in terror activities and extortion, was dropped at NBMCH around 9 pm last night by a car bearing registration number of Nepal.

Two daughters of Bharati ~ one aged around 15 years and the other around 8 years ~ were also in the car, which sped away soon after dropping the three at the emergency ward of the hospital. Bharati was pronounced dead by doctors around 10 pm. There was no external injury marks on her body.

The death being an unnatural one, doctors informed the Matigara police station as is the practice in such cases. Police arrived and on quizzing the two girls, came to know that they are daughters of fugitive KLO chief Jiban Singha and the deceased woman was his wife.

The two girls, however, remained tight-lipped as regards from where they came, what made their mother ill, and where their father was. But they gave police the mobile number of Jiban’s younger sister Sumitra Das, who lives in Alipurduar with her family.

Subsequent to this, police dialled Sumitra, who too was once a KLO cadre but surrendered to police after the Operation All Clear in 2003 by Indian security forces smashed the KLO camp in Bhutan.

Accompanied by several other surrendered KLO militants, she arrived at NBMCH today morning to receive the dead body of Bharati and take her the custody of her two nieces. She claimed that she had no knowledge her elder brother and his family since 2009.

Police have, for now, refused to hand over the two girls until a post-mortem was performed on their mother. The post-mortem report is crucial to ascertain the exact cause of death of Bharati.

Given that a car from Nepal had dropped Bharati and her daughters to NBMCH, police suspect that they were probably staying in some remote area in eastern Nepal along with Jiban Singh. Had they been lodging in some urban area in Nepal, Jiban would not have taken the risk of sending Bharati to Siliguri for treatment.

KLO was floated in the 1990’s to wage an armed rebellion for a separate Kamptapur state comprising north Bengal and parts of lower Assam. It had an operational understanding with Assam’s Ulfa and carried out several terror activities until 2003.