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Kolkata: With all his predecessors having had failed in the mission, transport minister Suvendu Adhikari has now asked private bus owners in the state to abolish the commission based remuneration mechanism for the crew.

The move comes in view of private buses in Kolkata and the neighbouring districts often competing with each other to get a higher number of passengers. Such competition is one of the major reasons behind frequent fatal bus accidents.

To curb this menace, the minister has directed the bus owners to abolish the commission system altogether. In its place, Adhikari has directed the bus owners to introduce a fixed monthly salary for the bus drivers and conductors. He has also said that the owners shall have to ensure that the salary is paid on a fixed date at the end of every month.

The minister gave the instruction today during a meeting with various private bus owners’ associations in Kolkata. Although the timeframe for introducing the salary system has not been specified, the owners have been asked not to sit over the matter.

As of now, the driver of a private bus gets 15 per cent of the total fare that is earned daily. In case of a conductor, the commission is 9 per cent. There is no minimum or maximum wage that the crew is entitled to. This often makes the drivers resort to overtaking buses on the same route and overspending to make the maximum number of passengers board the bus.