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Kolkata: Police have resolved the mystery behind the dead body of a four-year-old girl found in a manhole at Shyambazar in north Kolkata five days ago.

A team from Ultadanga police station today arrested the girl’s mother Mani Das on charges of strangulating her daughter. Her boyfriend, Somnath Sardar, has also been arrested for assisting in the crime.

Police said that Mani, who lived with her husband and daughter on the footpath at Shyambazar, had of late developed an extra-marital affair with Somnath, who is younger to her. Mani got so charmed by Somnath that she decided to desert her husband and marry him.

Somnath, however, told her categorically that he will not marry her if she doesn’t leave her daughter. He said this is because his family will not accept a bride who already has an offspring.

Following this, Mani strangulated her daughter Jaba in a desolate house in the last week of August. She then dumped the body in a manhole at Shyamlal Street, a by-lane at Shyambazar, with the help of boyfriend Somnath.

To negate the chances of anyone suspecting her, she then spread the news in the locality that her daughter has suddenly gone missing. She even kept on searching for the girl in the nearby areas while wailing all the time.

Mani and Somnath were under the impressing that since the manhole is connected to the high-drain, the body will get swept far into some canal. But, while dumping the body in a hurry, the girl’s hair got stuck under the lid of the manhole. This stopped the body from getting swept away by the drainage water.

It eventually decomposed and thus resulted in a foul smell. The residents of the area informed police on 31 August night and the cops retrieved the dead body from the manhole.