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Siliguri: A wild tusker has died mysteriously at Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary in north Bengal.

Forest villagers living in the vicinity of Titi under Hasimara forest range spotted the tusker lying dead on its side and alerted the forest officials. Foresters said that the tusker was around 15 years old and both its tusks were found intact.

This is puzzling the foresters about the cause of its death. A post-mortem has been ordered on the carcass to ascertain how the tusker died.

In a bid to ward off elephant raids on harvest and houses, forest villagers often keep live high tension electric wire suspended around their paddy fields. Some sections even mix poison in food grains and place it on probable routes through which the elephants can foray.

In this case, however, there are no visible signs on the carcass of an electric shock or there were no food grains scattered around the spot where the animal has been found dead.