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By A Newsman

Kolkata, 17 July: METRO Railway on Monday received the delivery of a new look air-conditioned rake from the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) at Perambur in Chennai.

The rake, which comes with several improvements over the 13 existing AC rakes in service, rolled into Metro’s Noapara car-shed today morning. This is the first of the two new look AC rakes being manufactured by ICF; the existing AC rakes were also manufactured by ICF.

Metro Railway spokesperson Indrani Banerjee said that the plan is to press the new AC rake into service before the Durga Puja in September. Over the next few days, the rake will under some technical tests and also test runs on Metro routes in the night after the close of Metro services.

Metro Railway presently has 27 rakes, out of which 13 are air-conditioned, and the rest are old non-AC ones. The arrival of new rakes will allow Metro Railway to phase-out the old ones that often develop snags disturbing Metro schedules.


  1. Wider vestibule for better air circulation and passenger movement in all coaches.
  2. AC ducts along the seats for uniform cooling.
  3. Roof mounted package unit along the sides of the coaches that addresses the problem of water leakage from the roof as in the exiting AC rakes.
  4. Primary and secondary suspension with rubber springs to ensure jerk free ride.
  5. Communication based train controlling system that allows driver to control the entire train operations from his cabin.
  6. Seats made of fire retardant polymer sheets.
  7. Regenerative braking system wherein energy generated during braking get directly fed into the third rail. At present, the heat is expelled into the tunnel making it hot.
  8. There are eight LCD passenger communication display panels in each coach as against there in the existing AC rake coaches.
  9. Four emergency talkback systems in each coach using which passenger will be able to talk to the train driver by pressing a button during emergency. Existing AC rake coaches have two in each coach.