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By A Newsman

Purulia, 16 March: THE state-owned Deben Mahato Sadar Hospital in Purulia today declined a new mother the services of a Nischay Yan, a free ambulance service meant to ferry expectant mother from home to hospital and back home.

This made Puja Sen, who gave birth to a baby boy at the hospital on 10 March, spend about three hours under a tree on the hospital premises until her family could hire a car to ferry her.

Sen, in her mid-20’s, is a resident of Lalpur, which is about 31 km from the hospital located in Purulia town. On being discharged from the hospital around 12 noon today, her family decided to take her to her parents’ house at Manbazar, which is about 52 km from Purulia town.

According to her husband, when they approached the hospital administration for a Nischay Yan that could take the frail new mother to Manbazar, the application was turned down on the grounds that her residence address was mentioned as Lalpur in the hospital records.

The family members pleaded with the hospital authorities for hours explaining that she needed to go to her parents’ house as there she would get adequate rest needed at this time. But adamant hospital authorities refused to budge.

After making the new mother wait under a tree for over three hours with the hope that the hospital would see reason and grant a Nischay Yan, her low income family at last managed to hire a car that took her to Manbazar in the afternoon.

On being asked why the hospital denied the new mother a facility provided by the government, the superintendent of Deben Mahato Sadar Hospital, Sibasish Das, refused to explain anything. He instead accused news persons of disturbing him.