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Barasat: Police have arrested a Madhyamik examinee boy for allegedly setting his mother on fire after she refused to buy him a mobile phone.

The arrested boy has, however, refuted the charge and claims that his mother set herself on fire as came home late on the eve of the exam.

The incident has taken place at Sulonguri Colony under New Town police station jurisdiction. Soma Manna, the mother who has suffered severe burns, is now battling for life at RG Kar Medical College and Hospital in Kolkata.

Neighbours Manna has said that the accused teenage son has been a nuisance for the family all through.

He has been in the habit of wasting time with friends outside and behaved aggressively whenever his mother objected to this.

The neighbours have also told police that for the last few months, the boy had been pestering his mother to buy him an android mobile phone. He threatened not to appear in the Madhyamik exam if his demand was not met.

Last night the neighbours heard a brawl between Manna and her son over this. A little later, they were taken aback by the cries for help by Manna.

They rushed in to find Manna up in flames; her teenage son was standing nearby without showing any sign to douse the fire. The neighbours somehow managed to douse the flames and rushed Manna to RG Kar Medical College.

On being alerted by them, a team from New Town police station arrested her son on charges of setting her on fire.

He has, however, told police that his mother set herself on fire as he returned home late despite the Madhyamik exam commencing today.