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Kolkata: Dethroned Trinamool leader Sovan Chatterjee’s travails are far from being over even after his resignation as a minister and the Mayor of Kolkata.

His estranged wife Ratna Chatterjee has today served a legal notice on him threatening to sue for hurling allegations against her in a television interview yesterday.

In the interview, Sovan had said that there was a plot to kill him and his well-wisher Baisakhi Chatterjee and her daughter by mixing poison in his birthday cake. Although he did not explicitly named anyone but the point of the finger was towards Ratna.

This apart, Sovan also alleged that Ratna had an affair with someone named Abhijit Ganguly and that she had started a private company in partnership with Ganguly.

“His allegations have harmed my social status and have hurt my dignity. I have sent him the legal notice either to prove the allegations or tender a public apology within seven days. Failing this, I shall approach court against him,” Ratna said today.

Sovan and Ratna Chatterjee are engaged in a divorce suit since November last year.