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Featured Image: Representational photo. 

By A Newsman

Kolkata, 16 September: A GANG of burglars has robbed a licensed revolver along with other valuables from a household at Behala East Park in Kolkata.

The incident took place in the wee hours on Wednesday at Kalipada Mukherjee Road that falls under the Haridebpur police station in the city.

The gang, which had 5-6 members, scaled the high walls to enter the compound of the bi-storyed house of 339 Behala East Park. They then cut the iron grille of a window on the ground floor and got inside.

A full-time maid employed by the household was asleep in a room on the ground floor; one of the miscreants placed a knife to her neck and directed her to show them the room where the house owner Deepandralal Banerjee and his wife were asleep.

Sacred of her life, the maid took them to the first floor and she woke up her employers at the direction of the arms wielding men who had covered their faces with clothes. As soon as the house owners opened the door, miscreants pointed arms on them and made them hand over the keys to all lockers and almirahs in the house.

Three miscreants carried out the loot for about half-an-hour, while the rest kept a guard on the inmates of the house. They looted gold ornaments worth over one lakh rupees, Rs 10,000 in cash and a .25 mm licensed revolver that Banerjee had kept in a locker in his bedroom.

Through with the operation, the gang escaped through the same window that they had entered.

A team from the Haridebpur police station came to the house at dawn after Banerjee called them up. He told the cops that the miscreants were aged around 25-30 years and spoke fluent Bengali.

Kolkata Police’s divisional commissioner South West Division, Rashid Munir Khan, who visited the robbed household later in the day said that the police have come across another house in the same locality whose wooden window pane was broken. The gang probably tried to burgle that household also but failed.