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Kolkata: After the allegations of sexual abuse on minor girls in several private schools in Kolkata in the recent past, a case now has come to light of sexual abuse on a boy in a private school in the city.

Parents of a two-and-a-half-year-old boy have lodged an FIR with police alleging that the boy has been sexually abused in the upscale private Montessori school located at Behala. Following the FIR, police got the boy medically examined at the SSKM Hospital.

According to the boy’s father, doctors have found signs of sexual abuse. The incident happened on 2 July after the child returned home on attending a Doctors’ Day celebration at the school.

“He complained of pain in his genital and this made his mother inspect only to find that he was bleeding from the private part. I went to the school the 3 July and lodged a complaint. I also request the head of the school to share the CCTV footage but they say that although the cameras were functioning the footage were not recorded from 26 June – 3 July,” the father said.

“We do not exactly know who has abused my son in the school. We want the police to find that out and ensure that the culprit gets an exemplary punishment. My son is still in pain and in trauma. I do not want this to happen to other children,” the boy’s father pleaded.

The school, on the other hand, has outright denied that the boy has been sexually abused in school.

“As part of Doctors’ Day celebration, we had invited a paediatrician for a health check-up of the children. The doctor checked 10 children but not this child as he cries all the time. He was in a nearby room with teachers and attendants and left for home at 11.30 am with his mother. He was perfectly fit then,” said Jayashree Anand, the head of the school.

“But after the lapse of 24-hours, the parents turned up all of a sudden and alleged that the boy was sexually abuse in the school. We deny this completely,” she said.