New Market in Kolkata during the rain today.
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Kolkata: With Kolkata and rest of south Bengal already experiencing intermittent rain and squall for two days in a row, it is now the turn for north Bengal to brace for inclement weather for the next three days.

The weather office in Kolkata today issued a warning forecasting thunderstorm with gusty wind, lightning and hail in north Bengal on Wednesday and Thursday (27-28 February. On Friday, there is a forecast for moderate rain.

This is in addition to the warning for a thunderstorm with gusty wind, lightning and moderate rain in south Bengal until tomorrow (27 February).

The weather office has warned that some isolated places in south Bengal are very likely to witness a storm raging up to 80 kmph.

This is even as four people have already died in the state till yesterday under the direct or indirect impact of storms and lightning.

In Kolkata, the day started on a cloudy note this morning. As the day progressed, the cloud came down in cats and dogs over the city.

According to the Alipore Weather Observation Centre, it has rained 32.2 mm in Kolkata since 8.30 this morning. The city and its neighbouring districts are likely to experience a thunderstorm with gusty winds in the next 24-hours.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation today said that in the last 48-hours as many as 12 trees in public places got uprooted by storms. The branches of another 30 trees were snapped down to the roads by the squally wind.

The sudden inclement weather that Bengal is experiencing is because of two troughs of low hovering over the state, the weather office said.

One trough of low is hovering over the equatorial Indian Ocean and adjoining the southwest Bay of Bengal. The other is extending from east Bihar to Gangetic Bengal.

Fishermen in the state have been advised not to venture into the sea before 1 March.