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Kolkata: An opinion poll conducted by NEWSMEN has revealed that most people are not happy with the anointment of Firhad Hakim as the Mayor of Kolkata.

NEWSMEN conducts online opinion polls on contemporary issues on a regular basis and the voting link is provided on the homepage sidebar.

Between 27 November and 9 December, one such poll was conducted wherein the question was put forward, whether Hakim is a good choice as Kolkata Mayor. People had the option to choose either YES or NO.

NEWSMEN readers from both India and abroad participated in the poll. The IP address of their Internet connection reveals their location but not their identity.

The result shows that a majority 67.85 per cent of the respondents think Hakim is not a good choice as Mayor, whereas only 32.14 per cent think he is. Curiously, the naysayers mostly hail from outside Kolkata.

As regards Kolkata, most of the respondents gave a thumbs up to Hakim. Against 41.66 per cent respondents from the city who think Hakim is not fit as Mayor, 58.33 per cent believe he is a good choice.

But when it comes to respondents from the rest of Bengal, 100 per cent of the respondents expressed a negative opinion about Hakim, who was anointed Mayor following the resignation of Sovan Chatterjee.

In the case of respondents from other parts of India, 77.77 per cent said that Hakim is not a good choice and, only 22.22 per cent believe he will make a perfect Mayor.

As for the respondents from abroad, 100 per cent of the respondents think the 59-year-old amiable leader is not fit to adorn the chair of Kolkata Mayor. The responses came mostly from the United States and understandably, they could be NRIs if specifically not people from Bengal living abroad.

The limitations of online opinion polls are that, in most cases, the sample size is small and respondents are not well distributed. Rather, they participate in the poll at random.

Chances are that people with a particular mindset may have mostly voted and hence, the outcome may not be a true reflection of the general public opinion. However, what the outcome reveals is a general mood about an issue in question.

Hakim, who is also an important minister in Mamata Banerjee’s Cabinet, was sworn in as Kolkata Mayor on 3 December. Soon on assuming office, he said that people should judge him by his performance and not by his religious identity.