Rifle Factory Ishapore. File Photo.
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Kolkata: Employees of the Centre-owned Ordnance Factories and Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) are going on a month-long strike against the government’s alleged bid to privatise the facilities.

The OFB is headquartered in Kolkata and there are 41 Ordnance Factories all over India that produces arms and ammunition for the Defence forces.

There are four such factories in and around Kolkata ~ the Gun and Shell Factory, Metal and Steel Factory, Ordnance Factory Dumdum, and the Rifle Factory Ishapore.

The reiteration on the strike came after a meeting between the recognised federations of Ordinance Factories employees and the Defence ministry in New Delhi failed to settle the issue.

In the meeting on 16 August, the additional secretary of Defence production maintained that the Centre was moving ahead with the corporatisation of the Ordnance Factories and not privatisation.

The move will give the organisation greater autonomy in decision making, increased flexibility in day-to-day operations which would, in turn, lead to improved efficiencies and productivity, the Centre reasoned.

The federations were not satisfied with the explanation and maintained that it is nothing but a ploy to handover the countries Defence productions to private corporates. They vowed to fight this tooth and nail, starting with the month-long strike from tomorrow 20 August.