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By A Newsman

Kolkata, 21 February: PARTHA De (46) of Kolkata’s infamous Robinson Street Skeleton Case has been found dead in mysterious circumstances.

Police recovered his half-burned corpse from the upscale Merlin House residential apartment at Watgunj in Kolkata Port area today morning.

This after his caretaker, who reported for duty around 10 this morning, opened the door with a duplicate key and found the furnishings of the 10th floor (11E) flat occupied by Partha. He called up police at once.

Police rushed in and found Partha lying on the floor of the washroom. Upper portion his body, from waist upwards, was burned. There was half-a-bottle petrol and a matchbox next to him. Police rushed him to SSKM Hospital where doctors declared him brought dead.

Cops suspect that he has committed suicide, but no suicide note has been found yet. Police are talking to other occupants of the apartment for clue.

On 10 June 2015, police had recovered Partha De’s father Arabinda De’s charred body from their ancestral house at 3 Robinson Street off Park Street in the city.

The same day, while investigating into the death, cops found out that Partha’s elder sister and her two pet dogs had died several months ago. But instead of cremating the corpse and the carcasses, Partha and his father were living in the flat with the skeletons.

On being arrested by police following the horrific discovery, court pronounced Partha mentally ill and sent him to the Pavlov Hospital for the mentally retarded. After treatment for about a year, he was discharged from the hospital in mid last year and he lived at the Mother House in central Kolkata for a few months.

Partha left Mother House late last year and started living in the 10th floor flat at Merlin House at Watgunj. Now, like his father, he too has died of burns.