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By A Newsman

Howrah, 13 September: SOME passengers travelling by the 13064 Balurghat-Howrah Express, which departed from Blurghat yesterday evening, have been robbed of their saddlebags containing valuable documents and cash.

The theft took place in an AC-II tier coach (AB-1) sometime after the train crossed Malda Town station at 12.35 post-midnight, the robbed passengers Swapan Kumar Nanda and Mamata Sarkar said.

According to Nanda, his wife got up around 4.30 this morning when the train reached Bandel in Hooghly and discovered that her handbag was missing. “She woke me up and up on inspection, I found out that a saddlebag of ours was also missing. Soon another passenger discovered that her saddlebag too has been taken away.”

Nanda said that they brought the matter to the notice of the coach attendants and the TTE at once, but they paid little heed. “They were arguing that after Malda, nobody boarded the train or got down. Hence, how could the theft take place?”

On reaching Howrah station around 7 this morning, Nanda and Sarkar lodged a complaint at the Government Railway Police station there. “There were around Rs 1,000 in my saddlebag, but what has caused me severe loss is that there were several important documents in it, including my ATM card,” Nanada said.