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Kolkata: Commuters in Kolkata and rest of Bengal shall have to shelve out more money while taking a bus, taxi, tram, or ferry ride from Monday, 11 June.

The state transport department has notified the fare hike that was announced by the transport minister on 6 June. The revised fare will come into effect on Monday.

The base fare for a taxi ride will now be Rs 30 for the first two kms, instead of what was Rs 25 earlier. Then, for every 200 metres ride, the commuter shall have to pay Rs 3, instead of Rs 2.40 earlier. Rs 2 shall have to be paid for every 2.12 minutes wait during a journey. The fares of air-conditioned metred taxis will be 25 per cent more.

The bus fare has been revised to Rs 7 for every four kms, Rs 9 for 4-8 kms, Rs 11 for beyond 8 kms. In case of minibuses, it will be Rs 8 for first three kms, Rs 9 for 3-6 kms, and Rs 11 for beyond 6 kms. The revised fares for a tram ride in Kolkata will be Rs 6 for first 4-km and Rs 7 for beyond 4-km.

The fares for the ferry services have been increased by Re 1 from whatever is the existing fare on a route.