(Left) A grab from the assault video and (right) Swapna Pal after arrest.
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Kolkata: Social media is often blamed for circulating unconfirmed or fake news and information. Yet, there are occasions when the social media are proving to be a great help in bringing out the ugly facets of the society.

Kolkata Police today afternoon arrested homemaker for assaulting her elderly mother-in-law because she plucked flowers from the house garden without taking permission.

A neighbour of the family shot the entire episode on the mobile phone and posted the video on Facebook. The video post went viral in no time and as many as 25,000 people viewed, shared, or commented against the brutal assault.

The video shows that middle-aged daughter-in-law beating her elderly mother-in-law by sometimes pulling her by the hair, thrashing her to the wall and even slapping. As the video kept circulating on Facebook, it came to the notice of Subhra Chakraborty, a traffic sergeant attached to Barnsdroni police station. Chakraborty, in turn, showed it to the officer-in-charge of the police station.

Acting on this, the police registered a suo motu FIR and started looking for the daughter-in-law who had beaten her mother-in-law. Finally, a team from Bansdroni police station managed to arrest the accused homemaker today afternoon. She has been identified as Swapna Pal; the assaulted mother-in-law as Joshoda Pal.

Police said that the elderly woman lost her husband a few years ago and since then was living with her son and his family. She is suffering from amnesia.

The elderly woman and also her neighbours have told police that the daughter-in-law used to beat her on a routine basis on one pretext or the other. Police will produce the arrested woman at the Alipore court in the city tomorrow. She has been charged for domestic violence, cruelty, causing voluntary harm.