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Featured Image: The newly inaugurated Pinnacle Arch at Presidency University.

By A Newsman

Kolkata, 18 August: PRESIDENCY University, which is celebrating 200-years of journey from a college to becoming a varsity, today got a steel installation on its campus to commemorate the occasion.

Named the Pinnacle Arch, the installation was unveiled today by former Bengal Governor M K Narayanan.

The arch, which stands on the courtyard of the university at College Street, comprises a series of 52 steel pipes planted in a circle. The first pipe forms an arch, while the rest bend outward and rise in increasing proportion till the last one stands upright at a height of 17.5 ft.

The installation symbolises the movement from a shelter to the open sky. It is a representation of the journey of an individual and the institute from a sheltered environment to collective growth and aspiration culminating in greatness.

Abin Chaudhuri, principal and design director of Abin Design Studio, which has designed and conceptualised the installation, said that they derived inspiration from the variety of arches in Presidency University main building.

“The arch is a symbol of the greatness that Presidency has nurtured, while a straight line stands for infinite possibilities and freedom,” he said.