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Midnapore: A civic volunteer has been grievously injured after being attacked by unauthorised sand miners in Purulia.

The incident took place on the banks of Kasai river at Kotloi village today.

The injured civic volunteer, Surajit Rakshit, was first admitted to Purulia Sadar Hospital. But with his condition being critical, he was subsequently relocated to a hospital in Jamshedpur neighbouring Jharkhand.

Rakshit is attached to Purulia Muffasil police station. At the instruction of officers from the police station, he and another civic volunteer went to Kotloi village to assess unauthorised sand lifting from Kasai river.

As soon as they reached the village, a gang of sand miners surrounded them. While one civic volunteer managed to escape, Rakhsit was nabbed by the goons. He was then beaten up black and blue.

On learning about this, a police team went there and rescued him in a grievously injured condition. Police are yet to make an arrest in this connection.

Unauthorised sand mining from riverbed is a crime that is rampant in rural Bengal. Other than causing harm to the ecosystem, unregulated mining also changes the course of rivers.