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Kolkata: A whimsical monsoon this season is giving a part of Kolkata some real tough times while allowing another part to relish the showers.

On Wednesday night, the northern fringes of the city, Dum Dum, and its adjoining areas witnessed a heavy downpour leading to submerging of roads, houses, and even a police station.

The weather office measured the downpour at Dum Dum in the last 24-hours till 8.30 am today at a whopping 110 mm, with the bulk of it coming down past Wednesday midnight.

Thus, people in and around Dum Dum woke up this morning to waterlogging on roads, house, shops, etc. that are situated on comparatively low-lying areas. In fact, there was knee-deep water in the Airport police station that looks after areas outside the Kolkata airport. Police personnel had to squat on chairs to carry out routine office duties.

With this being the case there, south Kolkata (Alipore) received barely 36.8 mm rainfall during the same period. Thus, it was more of a monsoon treat to the people living in this part of the city.

The weather office said that the wide disparity between Dum Dum and Alipore in terms of rainfall is due to a low pressure which is stronger in northern Bangladesh. It has forecast that heavy rain will continue in most parts of West Bengal all through the rest of the week. Through the morning till evening, it has rained about 27 mm at Alipore.