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In Photo: A partly cloudy sky at Garia in south Kolkata on Thursday afternoon. 

By A Newsman

Kolkata, 10 September: KOLKATA and most parts of south Bengal that have been reeling under discomforting weather since Wednesday, are likely to get some scattered rains over the next 24-hours.

But the showers are unlikely to offer a respite from the sultry weather due to high humidity and the absence of speedy winds.

Siliguri and the surrounding areas of north Bengal, which had witnessed heavy rainfall last week resulting in a deluge in parts of Alipurduar and in Dhupguri, is likely to witness heavy thunderstorm tonight itself.

Kolkata on Thursday woke up to a prickly sunny day but the skies have now turned partly cloudy. The temperature now is 35 degree Celsius but the real feel is that of 48 degree Celsius because of lack of wind flow and high level of humidity.

The maximum temperature in Kolkata on Wednesday was 37.2 degree Celsius, up by 5 degrees; minimum temperature was 29.3 degree Celsius, up by 3 degrees.

In the rest parts of south Bengal such as in Digha, Bankura and Santiniketan, the maximum temperature is around 35 to 37 degree Celsius with the skies being strewn with intermittent clouds.

According to experts at the Alipore meteorological centre in Kolkata, despite the possibility of rains in the next 24-hours, the weather will continue to remain hot and humid, with the maximum temperature remaining up by 3 to 4 degree Celsius above normal throughout south Bengal.