Interior of the rake from China.
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Kolkata: Metro Railway, which is of late reeling under frequent malfunctioning of its existing rakes, on Wednesday (6 March) got the first rake from CNR Dalian Locomotive, a company based in China.

This is the first in a lot of 14 air-conditioned rakes that Metro Railway had in 2015 ordered the Chinese company to supply following global bidding.

Similar to the existing rakes, the new rake from China, now parked at the Metro Railway car-shed at Noapara on the northern fringes of Kolkata, has eight coaches. But it has a higher passenger capacity.

A coach of the new rake can seat 108 passengers as against 60 in a coach of the existing rakes. Overall, the new rake can carry 3,200 passengers as against 2,400 in an existing rake.

The rake from China is designed to provide better cooling as each of its coaches is fitted with 28-ton air conditioners.

The rake from China at Noapara car-shed.

The vestibules are wider than the existing rakes for the ease of movement of passengers and there are eight display boards in each coach.

Also, there are three CCTV cameras in every coach feed from which will be streamed live to the Metro Railway control room. This is to deter unwarranted gesture by unruly passengers and speedy response in the event of an eventuality.

Metro Railway spokesperson added that the doors of the coaches run on projected channels and this is expected to mitigate the problem of the doors malfunctioning due to passenger load.

The new rake is likely to be rolled out for a trial run over the next month.