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NGREDIENTS: Rice (aatop) powder 250 gram, patali jagerry (gur) 100 gram, milk 2 litres, khoya kheer or kheer sandesh 10 pieces, salt, sugar.


Boil the milk for 10 minutes in a large container and lower the flame.

Take the rice powder in a bowl, mix half teaspoon salt and add hot water to make a dough.

Make small balls from the dough and insert smashed khoya kheer or sandesh in small quantities into each of the balls.

Shape the balls into small pulis, that is, the ends need to be narrow and the middle portion is bulged.

Once you have shaped the pulis, put them into the boiling milk. Stir it occasionally.

As the milk turns slightly condensed, putt out the flames.  Add 2 tablespoon sugar and the jagerry to the condensed milk. Stir a little and keep it aside.

Dudh puli is ready, serve hot or cold, as you might wish.

(Amita Bera is a homemaker and lives at Kankurgachi in Kolkata. Click here to read her previous recipes.)