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By Preety Pandiya
By Preety Pandiya

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NGREDIENTS: 1 cup Bengal fried gram / daalia / futana (without the black skin), 3-4 cup sugar, ½ cup ghee, some dry fruits for garnishing.


Grind the Bengal gram on a mixer grinder and then sieve them onto a big bowl.

Grind the sugar on the mixer grinder to make a fine powder. Add the sugar power to the Bengal gram and mix them nicely.

Heat up the ghee on a pan and pour onto the mixture. Mix thoroughly.

Now make laddoos or mould the mixture into the shape of peda or whatever shape you desire.

Garnish them by pressing with small pieces of dry fruits onto them. Your yummy Saatu is ready to savour.

(Saatu is a common dessert during the Rajasthani festival of Teej. Preety Pandiya originally hails from Kolkata. She now lives in Fremont, California, with her husband and children.)