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Image: Bratati Banerjee in file photo. 

Kolkata: RECOVERY agents of a private finance company today forcibly took over a private car in which noted elocutionist Bratati Banerjee was travelling from Kolkata to Chinsurah in Hooghly for an event.

The car belongs to Banerjee’s cousin brother Prashanta Ghosh and he has allegedly defaulted two instalments to Mahindra Finance. The incident today took place at Serampore’s Dhirgangi Crossing on the Delhi Road in Hooghly.

Accompanied by her brother Biswajit Banerjee, the elocutionist was heading to Techno India Group Public School at Chisurah’s Khadina More. A group of recovery agents from Mahindra Finance stopped the car at Dhirgangi Crossing and forced the driver out.

On being asked, the agents told Banerjee that the owner of the car has defaulted instalments and hence they are taking over the car. The elocutionist introduced herself and told them that the finance company should take legal recourse for this and cannot take over a car in this fashion.

They recovery agents did not buy the argument but dropped Banerjee to Chinsurah in the same car. They then kept the car in the parking lot at Bhadreswar ~ about 9 km off Chinsurah.

Banerjee, in the meantime, called up Trinamool Serampore MP Kalyan Banerjee and narrated the incident. The MP, in turn, alerted Serampore police station and this made the police swung into action.

The cops have now confiscated the car from the control of the recovery agents and have brought it to the Serampore police station.