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By A Newsman

Bankura, 02 December: THE overflow of unaccounted money post-demonetisation seems to have flooded the bank accounts of several poor people and including those who did not even have an account!

A small-time vendor at Kuchkuchia in Bankura today went to the local State Bank of India branch to open a zero balance account under Jan Dhan Yojana.

But the 43-year old Kailash Pati Acharya was taken aback when the bank staff told him that there was already an account in his name in the branch and there was as much as Rs 1.80 crore balance in that account.

A baffled Acharya told the bank staff that he never opened an account and asked for the details as to when and who opened the account in his name. “But they declined to divulge anything saying that the matter was now under investigation. They also told me that I cannot open an account at the branch,” he said.

Acharya, who lives in a hutment with wife and two children, said that his monthly earning was barely Rs 5,000 and he could never even dream of having Rs 1.8 crore in his bank account. “How can I even dream of such huge money when I can barely feed my family with the meager income,” he said.