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Midnapore: Burglars have looted as much as Rs 50-lakh from a nationalised bank branch in East Midnapore.

This happened some time past Monday midnight and, the staff of United Bank of India (UBI) Marishda branch discovered the loot today morning when they went to open the bank.

They found the locks of the collapsible gate lying broken and inside the vault were lying empty.

The bank is housed on the first floor of a bi-storied building; there are shops on the ground floor. Interestingly, the bank is located at distance of barely 300 metres from Marishda police station.

The burglars apparently used a gas cutter to open the vault door. Along with the money, they have taken away the CCTV cameras and the hard-disks of the computers in which the footage was being stored.

“The manager informed us. Going by him, there were around Rs 50-lakh in the vault all of which has been looted,” said East Midnapore superintendent of police, V Solomon Nesakumar, who went to the spot.

According to him, the bank did not have security guards of its own. “Civic volunteers deployed by us in the nearby market area had patrolled in front of the bank around 1 am midnight and they did not spot anything suspicious,” the SP said.

Police are now looking for footage from CCTV cameras from adjacent areas so ascertain the direction from which the burglars came and left after the burglary.