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Image: Tapan Ghosh in an heated argument with a police officer during a 2015 Hindu Samhati rally in Kolkata. File photo. 

Kolkata: ACTIVISTS of Hindu Samhati, a Kolkata based ultra-Hindu group, today assaulted some journalists during a public event in the city.

The assault came when the journalists were speaking to members of a Muslim family who had converted to Hinduism at the Hindu Samhati event organised today afternoon on Rani Rashmoni Avenue in central Kolkata.

Although several journalists, mostly those from TV channels, were roughed up, it is Anjan Roy, a senior journalist with Bengali news channel 24-Ghanta, who has suffered hospitable injury. The assault left him bleeding from the forehead and his spectacles were broken.

Police have detained Hindu Samhati president Tapan Ghosh from the venue itself and he has been taken to Hare Street police station under which lies RR Avenue. Ghosh was standing close by when the activists of his organisation launched the assault on the media persons.

Learning about the assault, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee called up injured Roy and assured that police will take necessary action to ensure punishment for the guilty.

Fourteen members of a Muslim family today converted to Hinduism and this was announced from the dais of Hindu Samhati’s public meeting. After this, when the family was getting down from the dais, journalists approached them to learn about their original identity, place of dwelling, etc.

One journalist asked a girl from the family whether they had been forced to convert. Even before she could respond, Hindu Samhati activists came forward and began shouting at the journalist for asking the question. This led to a heated argument and eventually, Hindu Samhati cadres launched the assault on the journalists.

Roy, who reports on BJP and its allied organisations, was the first one to be attacked by the cadres. Seeing this, other journalists intervened but they too were roughed up and the cadres even tried to break the TV cameras. At this point, police intervened and brought the situation under control.

Although Hindu Samhati president Ghosh expressed regret over the incident at the spot, he also accused a section of the media of trying to malign the organisation through provocation.

“The incident was uncalled for and I apologise personally. However, it must be taken into note that one a particular media unit was instigating our cadres. Such journalists are Left-leaning and the incident was premeditated to defame us,” Ghosh said.