Partha Chatterjee (centre) at Kolkata Press Club on Friday.
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Kolkata: Trinamool secretary general and Bengal education minister Partha Chatterjee today said that noted poet Sankha Ghosh has carried out a personal attack on Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee through his recent poem.

The observation comes at a time when his party colleague Trinamool Birbhum district president Anubrata Mondal has triggered a controversy by questioning Ghosh’s credentials as a poet.

Mondal’s sarcasm was in response to a poem that the celebrated poet has penned in view of the violence targeted at opposition parties in Bengal in the run-up to the Panchayat polls.

In the poem titled “Mukta Ganatanra” (A Free Democracy), Ghosh has urged upon the unnamed protagonist to open her eyes to witness that ‘development’ is camping right on the road wielding a sword in hand. The reference to ‘development’ irked Trinamool as it is the party’s election plank this time.

Mondal was quick to respond by saying that he has all along known Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul to be poets but does not know what sort of a poet Ghosh is. The insult hurled at the veteran poet has triggered a controversy in the state.

Asked about his views on Anubrata Mondal’s remark, the Trinamool secretary general today said that while he does not endorse this, he is not okay with Ghosh’s poetic expression either.

“I do not support any of the two. What Sankha Ghosh has written amounts to a personal attack (on Mamata Banerjee)… Just because some new entrants in Bengal politics (read BJP) is instigating violence at isolated places, one should not arrive at a sweeping conclusion,” Chatterjee said at a meet the Press event at Kolkata Press Club today.

Later asked whether Mondal is an asset or cause for embarrassment for Trinamool in view of controversial remarks that he makes from time to time, Chatterjee was found condoning the Birbhum leader.

“There are two sides to this and I cannot answer this in one word. Mondal is definitely a good organiser. He is a popular leader: party workers love him, people love him. But in rural politics, there is a trend of making political grandstanding from time to time so to impress one’s constituency and the media are also very much fond of this,” the Trinamool secretary general summed up.