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In Photo: The newly opened foot over bridge at Satragachi railway station. Photo: South Eastern Railway

Newsmen Bureau

Kolkata, 11 August: RAILWAY authorities recently thrown open a second foot over bridge (FOB) at Satragachi railway station off Howrah.

The new FOB covers platform number 4, 5 and 6 towards Kharagpur-end. A little over 28 metre in length and over 3 metre wide, the FOB has been constructed by South Eastern Railway (SER) at a cost of Rs 97 lakhs, an official release said.

Santragachi is a major railway junction under SER jurisdiction having six platforms, and the newly opened FOB will immensely benefit the passengers. Several long distance trains to south and western India, and local / suburban trains to and from Amta, Mecheda, Panskura, Haldia, Kanthi, Midnapur and Kharagpur have stoppages at the station.

Prior to this, Santragachi station had only one FOB connecting from platform number 1 and 6 at Howrah-end. As a result, passengers getting off the trains on platform number 4 and 5 had to walk a distance to come out of the station.

A sizable number of passengers used to risk their life by crossing through the railway tracks to avoid the detour.