A view of Sealdah Flyover.
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Kolkata: Other than small vehicles, the movement of all other types of vehicles on Ultadanga Flyover in Kolkata is suspended since 11 July due to cracks in the structure.

Now, another arterial flyover in the city will be shut to traffic for urgent inspection and repair. This one is Vidyapati Setu or the Sealdah Flyover.

Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) has told Kolkata Police that it will need Sealdah Flyover to be shut to traffic from 15-18 August.

The proposed shutdown will commence from 15 August night and continue until 18 August. Kolkata Police will soon workout an alternative traffic route for vehicles to operate between north-east Kolkata and central Kolkata during the four days.

Sealdah Flyover is one of the busiest and arterial flyovers in the city as it connects the ever busy APC Road and BB Ganguly Street.

An arm of the flyover also facilitates easy access to Sealdah railway station both from north and central Kolkata.