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By A Newsman

Bankura, 15 February: UDAYAN Das, who murdered his parents, and live-in partner Bankura girl Akanksha Shrama alias Sweta, in a span of six years, has pleaded guilty for the crime.

In his late 30’s, Udayan was produced before the Bakura district court today at the end of eight-day police remand. During the hearing, his counsel Arup Banerjee urged the court to grant bail to his client so that he could perform the last rites of his parents.

But taking everyone by surprise, Udayan told the judge that not to release him. “I have killed Sweta. Please don’t set me free,” the lean youth of dark complexion said from the production box in the court.

On hearing him, judge asked his counsel whether he had consulted his client before moving the bail petition. Even before Banerjee could reply, Udayan told the judge that no such consultation took place.

After this, the judge remanded Udayan to judicial custody for one more day. He will record a closed-door statement before the magistrate tomorrow detailing how and why he killed his parents and live-in partner.

After this, Bankura police would hand over the serial killer to the police from Raipur in Chhtisgarh where he had murdered his parents in 2010 and then buried them in their house there.

Udayan, who falsified as IIT alumnus, had met Bankura girl Akanksha on Facebook and developed a relationship.

In June last year, Akanksha left her Bankura home telling parents that she had got a job in the United States. But instead she came down to Bhopal and started living with Udayan at his house at Saket Nagar in the city.

During the investigation carried out in the past eight days, Bankura police found out that Udayan had strangulated Akanksha in Bhopal after she came to know that he had killed his parents at Raipur and had trapped her into the relationship through falsehood.

Udayan buried Akanksha in a living room and plastered marble over it giving it the shape of a marble bed. Even after her death, Udayan continued used Akanksh’s WhatsApp and Facebook messenger to communicate with her parents in Bankura giving them the impression that it was she who was chatting with them.

But unable to speak to them for a long time, her father lodged a missing diary with Bankura police this January. Bankura police subsequently tracked down her mobile phone to Saket Nagar in Bhopal, leading to the discovery of the chilling crime on 02 February.

That was, however, not the end of shock! During questioning in Bhopal, Udayan confessed to police having killed his parents at their house at Raipur back in 2010. He was taken to Raipur and police exhumed the skeletons of his parents from their erstwhile house.

Udayan was then flown to Bankura via Kolkata on 06 February in connection with the investigation into Akanksha’s murder.