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Featured Image: Debayan Biswas shows a packet of frozen momo at the news conference in Siliguri on Saturday. 

By A Newsman

Siliguri, 20 May: A Siliguri based start-up today launched a variety of frozen momo so to take on the ones imported from Chinese, which have flooded the Indian market.

In all, Shambhala Food Products Private Ltd, has introduced 17 varieties of frozen momo that it claims met all the food safety standard as specified by the regulatory authorities in the country.

“Chinese momos are available in several Indian restaurants but I am doubtful about their hygiene and quality. In contrast, our company is the first in India to manufacture frozen momo in the county that are safe to consume. Our venture also aims at generating employment to the poor and the underprivileged section of the society,” company’s founder director Debayan Biswas told a news conference here today.

The company, which markets its momos as MOMO on WHEELS, has plans to add 100 momo vending carts all over Bengal to retail the frozen momos. In future, it will expand to the states in the northeast. “We are already running 30 carts in Kolkata and north Bengal now,” Biswas said.

This apart, the company will also market the frozen packets of momos to restaurants all over India at a wholesale price. Its focus is on New Delhi, Odisha, Goa, and the northeast states.