Sukrity Ash at Siliguri court on Thursday.
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Siliguri: Believe it or not! Siliguri police have arrested a woman leader of CPI-M’s student wing SFI for allegedly trying to burn policemen during a public agitation in the heart of the town.

Not stopping at this, the police have secured five days remand of the SFI leader from the Siliguri court as the cops feel there is a pressing need to question her so to unearth the so-called conspiracy.

Sukrity Ash, in her early 30’s, was arrested by a Siliguri police team from Howrah on Wednesday (10 October) and brought to Siliguri today (11 October) morning on a transit remand. Ash, who hails from Siliguri, was at a relative’s place in Howrah.

The SFI leader and another 4-5 CPI-M leaders, including a member of Siliguri Mayor-in-council Sharadendu Chakraborty, have been charged with trying to burn policemen during a public agitation at Hashmi Chowk in Siliguri on 24 September.

The agitation was against the death of two students due to bullet injury following a clash with police at Darvit High School in Islampur on 20 September.

Against this, the CPI-M cadres were to burn an effigy of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at Hashmi Chowk but police snatched it away. This led to a tug of war between them and the police.

At one point, Sukrity Ash poured kerosene on the effigy which was still in the hands of a policeman. During this, some kerosene spilled onto the face of two policemen. Other CPI-M cadres at once helped the policemen with water in washing off the kerosene.

But the police later alleged that there was an attempt to burn them and hence, registered an FIR against some of the CPI-M cadres. On 24 September night itself, the cops had arrested two district committee leaders of the CPI-M but were released on personal bonds late into the night.

After allowing the matter to die down for a while, police revived the case and launched a hunt to arrest those named in the FIR. Sukrity Ash is the first one to be netted; others are at large.

Reacting to this, Siliguri Mayor and CPI-M MLA, Asok Bhattacharya has said that the student leader has been arrested on a flimsy ground.

“It is funny that police are alleging that our cadres tried to burn them on a busy street and in front of hundreds of people. We will deal with this both legally and politically,” he said.

SFI has called for a silent rally from the CPI-M district headquarters at Hill Cart Road in Siliguri at 3 pm tomorrow to protest the arrest of their leader.